Syujin High School Cosplay Patches


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Patches are sold individually or as a set!

☆ Shujin School Emblem patch: 3.5” x 4”
☆ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year patches: 1.5x1.5”
☆ Two Black Chevrons: 1”x1”
☆ Ann Cosplay Set, comes with: S symbol ( 4.5" height x 2.6" width ), four leaf clover ( 2" height x 2.3" width per leaf ), and Shujin patch.
☆ Makoto collar patch: 1.5" height x 1.2" width
☆ Yusuke Patch is 3.5" height x 3" width
☆ Goro Akechi patch: 3.5" height x 3.3" width

All items come with an iron-on transfer on the back, but I still recommend you stitching it down. When ironing on, please set the iron to cotton setting with a pressing cloth between the patch and iron to avoid any damage to the patch.