Froggy Chair Patch


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Froggy Chair sale! It’s less than 1,400 Bells! And in various colors.

This chair could fit one of your villagers, or could be adorned upon any article of clothing or fabric item of your desire.

This listing is for the Froggy Chair only, other patches and beret are located in my shop. <3 There is an option for a defective one with minor issues, it won't have any iron-on backing. However, the colors will be randomized on what you get. Defective Frog Gacha. <3 Please pay attention to which one you pick to purchase <3

Each patch is 3” by 4”.

Embroidered on green(for green chairs) or white(for all other chairs) felt with iron-on transfer on the back(for quality froggy chair, not defectives), but I recommend stitching it down.